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Shooting of Kapil’s new show with Tiger Shroff canceled

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Kapil Sharma will be coming soon with her new show “Family Time With Kapil“. His last show was caught in controversy due to the cancellation of shooting with Syllabus. Now there is something similar to Kapil’s new show. Recently, shooting of episodes with Tiger Shroff has been canceled.

In the first episode of the show, Ajay Devgn is going to come, whose shoot has been completed. Tiger will come in the second episode, but the shooting of his episode has been canceled. If you think Kapil does not come to the set this time, then it is not so. Actually, due to some technical flaw, the shoot was to be canceled.

Kapil’s fame is not the motive, just sad about his health: Sunil

An official of Sony Entertainment Television said, “There was some technical failure on the set, which could not be cured. Therefore, this episode will be shot on the second day. The press conference has also been held for another day. Sorry for the inconvenience.’

However, some reports are also saying that the team of Tiger and ‘Baji 2’ did not come to the set because of this the shoot did not occur.

‘Family time with Kapil’ will begin on March 25. This will replace Shilpa Shetty’s show ‘Super Dancer Chapter 2’.


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