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Bhootayyana Mommaga Ayyu

Bhootayyana Mommaga Ayyu Movie Review


Bhootayyana Mommaga Ayyu Movie Director: R Nagaraj Peenya

Bhootayyana Mommaga Ayyu Movie StarcastChikkanna, Sruthi Hariharan, Tabal Nani, Prashanth Siddi, Girija Lokesh

Bhootayyana Mommaga Ayyu Movie Story: Bhootayyana Mommaga Ayyu motion picture having all business component which inspires youth, family crowds and parody sweethearts towards theaters. To know full story individuals can watch the motion picture in cine corridors.

Bhootayyana Mommaga Ayyu Movie Review: In a disorganized villa experience Bhootayya’s grandson Ayyu, who is watchful for a lady of the hour. There is likewise a circumstance of a mixed up death of a moneylender, named Machine Muniyappa. The film takes the parody of mistakes that results following these two circumstances.

That Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu is a religious film in Sandalwood is known. Henceforth, there was a ton of interest in this film, given the title. The association between the old one and this untruth just in a couple of things there are characters named Bhootayya and Ayyu, there are a few performers who were a piece of the old group and Srujan Lokesh, whose father was Ayyu in the old film has loaned his voice over to the account. However, the film is a comic drama and starkly unique in relation to the first. Does it engage? Just in parts.

The film is the quintessential comic drama of blunders, with a mixed up death and every one of the misfortunes that take after. There is likewise another track of Bhootayya’s grandson, Ayyu, meeting his 100th match to check whether this works out into a joyfully many. There are a few stiflers that evoke giggles, however, the story, in totality, is somewhat noisy and long-winding, which turns into a major errand for the group of onlookers individuals to remain associated with.

The film has a thrown that incorporates numerous great humorists, so attempts further bolstering its good fortune. Be that as it may, this is just to a little degree. The performing artists put forth a valiant effort, however, the story crashes and burns in numerous spots, making it very little of an engaging watch. Would it be advisable for you to watch it? All things considered, this film has its minutes and if droll and satire is some tea, it may very well be what requests to you.

Bhootayyana Mommaga Ayyu is a film which neglects to engage individuals with satire or enthusiastic scenes. Individuals better to avoid the motion picture from the end of the weekly rundown and spare the time.


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