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Chanakyatanthram Movie Review


Chanakyatanthram Movie Director: Kannan Thamarakkulam

Chanakyatanthram Movie Starcast: Anoop Menon, Unni Mukundan, Shivada Nair

Chanakyatanthram Movie Story: In spite of being the topper in Criminology, Arjun tries to be a private investigator. As he seeks after his enthusiasm with full force, he understands that he is caught by a work of circumstances. Will he have the capacity to handle it?

Chanakyathantram Movie Review: The great looking kid who entered the tinsel town as Mallu Singh has all adult into a skillful performer. Kannan Thamarakulam and group have attempted their best to demonstrate the acting gauge of the hunk without losing any piece of his appeal. Arjun (Unni Mukundan) is a splendid and splendid criminologist who tries to be a private investigator. From the comfortable environment of his home, he moves to Kochi subsequent to being tricked by a promising offer from the city. He is perceptive, crafty and smart and has the skill to illuminate even the most troublesome cases inside two or three weeks. In the long run, Arjun ends up pompous, additionally goes gaga for a vagrant named Andrea. That is the point at which he is relegated to examine and watch out for Andrea. As he ends up confounded about the explanation for it, the film takes a U-turn. What was he researching up until now? Is the association for whom he is working dependable? Arjun is gotten in the crossfire.

Unni Mukundan as Arjun has been dressed in numerous symbols – from his introduction part Mallu Singh to a provocative and enticing female-and he draws out each character with flawlessness. The primary portion of the film is about it and we may feel it marginally finished the best. However, the group has figured out how to make it an engaging issue.

We see Kannan Thamarakulam developing as a chief from his first Malayalam film Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare. The film doesn’t exhaust you as the minute you question whether you may be, there comes an intermittent cleverness. In any case, things wind up genuine in the second half when Arjun understands that he has been caught by a couple and who has encircled remains an inquiry.

Each on-screen character in the film has given a valiant effort. Nonetheless, the execution of Anoop Menon who comes into the photo in the second 50% of the film, is a let-down. His very evident counterfeit whiskers and hardened face make his character which should be a respectable one, very unsatisfactory. His part frustrates as we have seen him play comparative characters on screen with undoubtful flawlessness. The cinematography, exchanges, and groupings are engaging, however, the foundation score helps one to remember Aadu which is again formed by Shaan Rahman. The courageous deeds of Unni Mukandan are improved with comparable mood melodies of Shaji Pappan.

For Unni Mukundan fans, it is a mass performer and it won’t bore a typical motion picture goer. While Unni Mukundan demonstrates his acting bore without losing the excite of the motion picture, Kannan Thamarakulam figures out how to draw out an intriguing and pertinent message through the film which ought to be unquestionably valued. It is delighting to see that the business is changing close by the general public.

A tension spine-chiller, which is additionally a lackadaisical watch. On the off chance that you are an Unni Mukundan fan, this film is for you.


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