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High Jack Movie Review


High Jack Movie Director: Akarsh Khurana

High Jack Movie Starcast: Boloram Das, Nipun Dharmadhikari, Sarthak Kakar

High Jack Movie Story: A departure from Goa to Delhi is seized by some displeased representatives of the aircraft, as they hope to settle scores with the proprietor. Gotten mid-air in this circumstance is a high-on-drugs DJ, an irritable moderately aged couple and numerous different travelers. The DJ figures out how to medicate the others on the trip also and what follows is an unusual grouping of occasions.

High Jack Movie Review:: A DJ (Sumeet Vyas), who guarantees to protect his dad’s dispensary from penury by playing at a New Year’s gig in Goa, discovers that his designs have gone amiss on the grounds that he has been deceived. The gathering ends up being a trick and he is left stranded in Goa with no cash. Amid a night of inebriation, he consents to convey drugs with him on his trip back in return for cash. To free himself of anxiety he takes the medications while on the flight. A seize of the flying machine by the carrier’s workers results with Vinit (Mantra) heading the mission. That wholes up the slender plot of the film.

The journalists appear to have endured an instance of an inability to write while penning the content. Regardless of its short running time, the film feels like a drag as it doesn’t appear to know where it’s going. The track including a moderately aged man, a Pakistan hater, who always quibbles with his better half, who eyes the DJ brazenly, appears to be constrained. A sprinkling of keen alec jokes highlight in the film and the most noticeably awful of the part is the one including a ‘thump’ joke. Test this: “Thump! Thump!, Who’s there? Hello there, Hi who, Hi-jack”.

Chief Akarsh Khurana obviously set out to make a parody on political and social issues, however, his film’s story doesn’t hit the pinpoint center. Neither does the film figure out how to be a clever dim comic drama nor an astute and sharp parody. Sumeet Vyas, who has shown comic slashes in his prior trips, is equipped however doesn’t have enough make a difference to do equity to his part. Mantra as the pioneer of the ruffians has a restricted scope of articulations. The generally brilliant performer, Kumud Mishra is straddled with a stereotypical part.

The film’s music by a gathering set of performers, including Nucleya, figures out how to hit the correct notes, however. ‘High Jack’ parades itself as a stoner comic drama yet subsequent to review it, you’d be left thinking about whether you should be inebriated to appreciate this whimsical story. Indeed, even by the guidelines of stoner comedies, this current one resembles a school play.



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