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Kaala Movie Review


Kaala Movie Director: Pa Ranjit

Kaala Movie Star cast: Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar, Huma Qureshi, Pankaj Tripathi, Anjali Patil

Kaala Movie Intro: Director had to find Ranjit’s birth village of near Karlapkkm Chennai and perhaps this is why the course is connected to the common man in his films, now find after Atkti, Madras and Kbali Ranjit has Rajnikanth starrer Black Karikalan Direct, Fans were eagerly awaiting before the film’s release. The film has been released worldwide along with Tamil Telugu Malayalam as well as in Hindi. How is this movie, let’s review …

Kaala Movie Story: The story of the film begins with the Dharavi area of ​​Mumbai where the King Kala Kirikanan (Rajinikanth) lives with his family. The journey to reach Dharavi in ​​Mumbai from a village in Kala South is shown during the film. Today, he is the King of Dharavi, people listen to him, vote for him on election. Plays cricket and football with black children, also helps people living there and in a way is called the Messiah. One day when Zarna (Huma Quraishi) returns from abroad, the excitement of black increases. Zarina is a single mother and her moving you know when a story film, come many ups and downs all is going well when the head of the Local Economic Nationalist Party in the same story with the entry of Hridev Abynkr (Nana Patekar) Are there. Hridev and pattern of inverse correlation between the black and the two have a wash behind the other is the second mutual rivalry and battle for supremacy. There are times when both of them are also confronted but in the end you will have to watch the movie to know what happens.

Why should you watch the movie?:

Rajinikanth’s presence in the film shows a different kind of swag. The story is based on typical rivalry between the rich and the poor, so that the audience will definitely connect. Rajani’s glasses wear, loin-style, way of fighting, the speaker’s ability to speak dialogues certainly find the audience’s whistles and applause. On the other hand Nana Patekar’s strong performance also get to see a way out of a second to say when they are both heavyweights and showstopper then exchanging dialogues. The film also stars Anjali Patil and Pankaj Tripathi. Whereas Huma Qureshi’s work is good as Zarina. The background score of the film is the best, which runs alongside the story. Camera work and especially the drone camera has been used very well which is quite visible. The music of the film is fine and while trying to wrap, a different flavor of Dharavi has been tried. During the story, parts of the Mahabharata have been properly fitted in the screenplay. Rajinikanth also appears in dancing which is a treat for his fans.

Weak Links:

The film’s first half Crisp, second half is as accurate edit sounds big, visible film and sound, the film is going to do the next moment to know is, is a bit of a surprise element and enhanced movie Looks even better Songs could not be hit before release, on which work could be done. Climax could have been better and better.

Box Office:

The film’s budget is being reported to be about Rs 140 crore and the news is that the film has already earned Rs 230 crore before its release. Broadcast rights are sold for 70 crores while music is given in 5 crores. Theatrical rights have gone to 70 million (Tamil Nadu), 33 crore (Andhra Pradesh) 10 crore (Kerala). Overseas rights have been sold for about 45 crores. The movie has been released extensively and can be a big weekend.


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