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Kajol’s Voice Over for Incredibles 2’s Elastigirl, Video

Release Date of Incredibles 2 Movie


For the Hindi version of Disney Dot Pixers’ Incredibles 2, Helen Cross chose the Bollywood Actress Kajol to give voice over to Elastigirl’s character.

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Kajol has given it a video of its information. In the video caption, Kajol has written, Just wait and watch In this video Kajol seems to be giving voice over for Hindi version of Incredibles 2.

Kajol said in a statement, “The Incredibles 2” brings us a fabulous story of a family like us. But even then they are different. There were many such moments in the story from which I found myself connected and I knew that I would enjoy working for this film.

This sequel film is the second version of the movie released in 2004. In this film, Craig T. Nelson played Bob Cross’s character, Holly Hunter played the role of Elastigirl and Samuel L. Jackson has voiced the role of Frozen. Brad Bird, who is giving voice to fashion designer Edna Mode’s Character, is also the director of the film.

Kajol said, “I am really excited by being part of this family equipped with the Superpowers and I have contributed in this special film in my special way.”

The film ‘Incredibles 2’ will be released in India on June 22 in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.


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