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Mehbooba Telugu Movie Review


Hope Aur Hum Movie Director: Puri Jagannadh

Hope Aur Hum Movie Starcast: Murli Sharma, Akash Puri, Neha Shetty

Hope Aur Hum Movie Story: Experiencing repeating dreams that end with them being executed are Roshan (Akash Puri) and Afreen (Neha Shetty). Regardless of being conceived at various sides of the fringe, there’s as yet a past that associates them both.

Hope Aur Hum Movie Review: Mehbooba is a fair endeavor by Puri Jagannadh to make a wonderful film and dispatch his child Akash Puri. Without business components, the film is a crude story of a couple who are attracted to each other in the wake of being resurrected. There are no melody and move arrangements, ‘exceptional’ tunes, superfluous battle scenes or any standard mass masala included to zest up this film. ‘Mehbooba’ is fuelled by literally nothing other than the unobtrusive story, with even the on-screen characters in the film apparently coming next to it.

Roshan (Akash Puri) harbors the fantasy of working for the Indian Army while Afreen (Neha Shetty) needs to escape marriage to her harsh life partner Nadir (Vishnu Reddy). She goes from Lahore, Pakistan to India as a major aspect of the understudy trade program by means of the Samjhauta Express, about which she describes off a line like a Wikipedia page in a scene with Roshan. Truth be told in the film, the Samjhauta Express and LOC appear to have their very own existence, playing observer to episodes that destroyed this couple.

Roshan and Afreen have repeating longs for being executed because of the individual they adored. The expectation worked before these two meet in their present life is one that self-contradicting dreams are made of. To such an extent, that the specific scene shot utilizing the haziness of passages and the subsequent light give occasion to feel qualms about them is a standout amongst the most noteworthy minutes in the film. ‘Mehbooba’ has a few such minutes, including a portion of the war scenes, which will remain with you regardless of whether the film all in all doesn’t. The cinematography by Vishnu Sharma is striking, swathing the scenes playing out in tints of red and beige. The music and BGM by Sandeep Chowta with Urdu mantras too is one that sets the mindset of the film.

Be that as it may, notwithstanding it every one of, the topics of resurrection and lost-lost cross-outskirt adore aren’t new and the film does not a lot to add something new to it. In spite of its wonderful minutes, the film has some crazy over-the-top scenes that if played out, all things considered, would cause an out and out war, not simply cross-outskirt terminating. Artistic freedoms aside, the screenplay of the film excessively appears, making it impossible to endure under the heaviness of a straightforward story. While the film is without business components, for which it must be valued, it is likewise lamentably without minutes that will influence you to need to pull for these darlings.

Akash Puri is sufficient in his parts as the kind Roshan and a torn by affection for Pakistani fighter Kabir in his past life. Neha Shetty tries to convey, however, her execution appears as resigned as her characters, Pakistani understudy Afreen and a Kashmiri lady in her past life. Murli Sharma and Ashwini Kalsekar are excellent in the part of Afreen’s folks – torn between needing the best for the girl while dreading the fierceness of society. Sayaji Shinde too is great in his part of Roshan’s dad. Vishu Reddy, however, shouts through his part, his noisy discoursed getting irritating sooner or later, independent of how great he looks.

‘Mehbooba’ additionally is by all accounts greatly confounded between needing to regard Pakistan as just a neighbor that merits regard and joining the crowd by empowering the aggregate contempt our nation some way or another feels for theirs and the other way around. ‘Mehbooba’ neglects to connect with because of its imperfect execution, with a peak and certain discoursed that must be considered as crazy. Be that as it may, the film is justified regardless of a watch, if just for the genuine endeavor made.


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