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Nanjundi Kalyana Movie Review


Nanjundi is enamored with Vindhya, a relative of his who lives in his home. Be that as it may, his status-cognizant mother needs him to wed somebody wealthier and hates Vindhya, who originates from a poor family. Nanjundi hatches an arrangement to claim to be hitched to his best male mate, to give his mom a stun and inspire endorsement to wed Vindhya.

This film helps one to remember Dostana when one takes a gander at the essential start. The film tries to avoid mincing words about being a cheerful performer. It is likewise loaded with insinuation, which now and again helps one to remember Neer Dose. The film evokes chuckles, however, one is left pondering whether it is too much, as it seems so before the finish of the screen time.

The film starts on an entertaining note and the principal half appears to be very momentous and showy. There are adequate spots that get the group of onlookers breaking. The film appears to be dull after the interim. The jokes appear to be dull and the muffles too much. Truth be told, the film feels somewhat vulgar in its delineation of homosexuality towards the end.

The film has a decent comic group that guarantee a portion of the muffles appear to be clever notwithstanding when they aren’t. This could speak to you on the off chance that you like your measurements of Masti, Housefull, Dhamaal, and Golmaal. The film offers humor without any strings joined, a superior peak could have been a clincher for it.


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