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Rosapoo Full Movie Review


Director: Vinu Joseph

Star Cast: Biju Menon, Neeraj Madhav, Anjali, Dinesh Nair And Soubin Shahir.

It beats me how an artist as experienced as Biju Menon was not intuitively careful about this present film’s thrashing screenplay. Essayist executive Vinu Joseph’s Rosapoo spins around a dejected business visionary urgently starting one ineffectively conceptualized wander after another. Each new business sends him more profound into an obligation, to escape which he dispatches the following one, and after that the following one, at that point the following.

In every one of these misfortunes, Shajahan (Menon’s character) is joined by a similarly urgent, ruined youthful companion (played by Neeraj Madhav) who has since quite a while ago needed to make a film however so far just figured out how to aid a couple.

Dinesh Nair plays an unnecessary extra person wheel in their gathering and is dealt with like an extra tire by the screenplay. Basil Joseph ventures into the part of their smooth-talking partner, whose careless thoughts Shajahan continues falling for.

At, to begin with, Rosapoo has an irresistible vitality and appeal. Menon is dependably a delight to watch and has the aptitude to pull off both satire and poignancy with measure up to elan. Madhav has demonstrated in a concise vocation commanded by supporting parts that he has what it takes to leave his stamp on any part, even convey a whole film on his shoulders when given a shot at playing the lead, as he did as such successfully in a year ago’s Paipin Chuvattile Pranayam.

The best of on-screen characters require strong composition on which to rest their abilities, however, and inevitably it turns out to be certain that this fundamental fixing is absent in Rosapoo. ‘Mutta Pattu’ (The Egg Song), which reports the gathering’s entrance into egg offering, comes equipped with an infectious verve, playful tune and cadence, however, once it is through, it is clear that the film has not a lot putting it all on the line past its vivacity.

Shajahan and pack make a trip from Kerala to Tamil Nadu to influence a delicate porn to film in Chennai. What takes after is a progression of experiences with leches, liars, and parasites. Their picked champion is a sweet young lady who invests a large portion of her energy avoiding the advances of men in the group.

Where there are creeps, there will be assault jokes and another indelicate talk, and Rosapoo isn’t short on either. It looks bad to be annoyed, however, in light of the fact that essayist executive Vinu Joseph appears to be truly persuaded that he is doing dark comic drama, satirically uncovering the abuse innate in the porn business. Unfortunately, Joseph’s great expectations have not converted into a great silver screen.

In the cooperations between the lead four, first experience with the generation official Sajir (Soubin Shahir) and particularly in their over-the-top scenes with the second rate essayist V.T. Shankar (Salim Kumar) you can detect where Joseph needed to run with this. He has a fit cast available to him. What he doesn’t have are the hacks to pull off drama, dark or something else.

With the course and composing veering missing the goal, Rosapoo’s uneven creation quality turns out to be especially shaking. In addition to other things, the tips of Neeraj Madhav and Basil Joseph’s noses are cut off in ‘Mutta Pattu’, in parts where it would have been shot before a green screen.

At last, what emerges, however, is the unfunniness of everything, the failure to strike that key harmony between a comic tone and troublesome conditions, prosaisms about the porn film industry conceived of man-centric ideas of the female perfect, and interesting conservatism that considers itself to be progressivism. (Spoiler ahead) In one case, a young lady’s wedding is crossed out on the grounds that her dad’s companion acquires all her gems. The borrower offers to deal himself to reimburse his obligation, communicating the readiness to wed the young lady as pay. Everybody concurs in spite of the tackiness of the proposition from a man who, regardless, is endlessly more seasoned than she and a demonstrated failure by then. What’s more, they all live joyfully a great many.


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