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Salman and Asaram have a similar illness, can be kept in same barrack

Jail and Barrack number of Salman Khan


In the 20-year-old black deer hunting case, Salman will be sent to jail. Now it is being told that Salman can live with Asaram in jail after being sentenced. However, there is another connection between Salman and Asaram.

A few years ago, Salman was in the discussion because of his strange illness. A person suffering from this disease can also commit suicide. Illness is called trigeminal neuralgia. The special thing is that both Salman and Asaram have this disease. Speaking in colloquial language – it is a disease related to the face. The patient is always in pain due to chaos.

Let me tell you on this illness that Salman had said, ‘Yes, I have a facial disorder but due to this I have got inspiration that I should work very hard and focus on acting completely. I realized that you are in pain, but you can not make excuses that you have pain, there is a problem in the ligament or something has happened in the knees.

In the case of sexual assault, Asaram mentioned the disease to get bail. Jodhpur was brought to AIIMS in Delhi to look into the disease of Asaram, sent to jail in the rape case. After the Supreme Court order, he was brought to AIIMS for this. However, a few days ago, the panel of doctors of AIIMS told that the Asaram’s disease can be treated with medicines and they do not need surgery.

Tell you that Salman can be kept in a barrack number 2 in Central Jail. In the same barracks, Asaram is accused of sexual harassment from the girl. If the actress gets punishment then they will be kept in the female barracks as normal prisoners.



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