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Salman culprits in the case of hunting, people said – Revenge of hit and run

Court Decision on Salman Khan Case


Actor Salman Khan has been convicted in a 20-year-old black deer hunting case. The other accused Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Sonali, Tabu and Dushyant Singh have been acquitted. The CJM Court of Jodhpur has passed this ruling. Dabang Khan’s conviction, his fans are extremely disappointed. He questioned the verdict and said why the other accused have been acquitted except Salman Khan?

Dabang Khan’s fans on Twitter are tweeting his support. He is always praying for his favorite actor this time as well. A user wrote on his Twitter – the rest have been acquitted? Wow, this would be fun for Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, etc. Saif then comes from hunting background. If everyone hunted then why is the same being targeted? Whatever happens, I love Salman Khan and I support him.

One user wrote that the court who convicted Salman is a revenge for the hit and run case. Let’s say, the court acquitted the actor in the hit and run.

On social media where most people looked at supporting Salman Khan and he was disappointed with the conviction. There are some people who seem to enjoy this matter a lot. Some users are pinching on black deer, Salman and rest of the stars. Let’s take a look at the reactions happening on Twitter in the black deer case related to Salman Khan.


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