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Salman Khan wanted bail but the sessions court has not heard the petition

Bail of Salman Khan


In the black deer hunting case, Salman Khan has been sentenced to five years in jail by a local court. Salman will also have to pay a fine of Rs 10,000. Since the sentence is more than three years, therefore, he will have to go to the upper court for bail. This means that Salman will have to pass in Jodhpur jail tonight because the hearing on his bail plea in the sessions court will be tomorrow.

It is worth noting that if Salman was convicted for less than three years, he could get bail from the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, and he could go home despite conviction and sentence, but CJM Dev Kumar Khatri told Salman Sentenced to five years. This means that they can not get bail from the CJM Court as they have a longer sentence. Salman’s lawyers then filed a petition in the sessions court for bail.

Salman has been sentenced to two. His lawyers had prepared for bail in the CJM court, but due to five years of punishment, Salman’s lawyers had to file an application against the sessions court. But the sessions court refused to hear his petition today. The court will hear this tomorrow. That is, on Friday or again on Monday, Salman will now get bail. Salman will not stay in jail until he gets bail.

If the sessions court refused to grant Salman bail, then his problems will increase because then Salman will have to apply for bail in the High Court. The whole process will take some days and then Salman will have to spend the day in jail. Salman has spent 18 days in Jodhpur till now. For the first time, he was in jail for six days. After this, he had to go to jail even in 2007.


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