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Thobama Movie Director: Mohsin Kassim

Thobama Movie Starcast: Wilson Joseph, S.V. Krishna Shankar, Sharafudheen

Thobama Movie Story: Youngsters Thommi, Balu, and Manaf are dear companions who need to become famous throughout everyday life, but by taking the simple course to progress. For their arrangement, they collaborate with a gathering of hoodlums in their town. Be that as it may, will they prevail in their main goal?

Thobama Movie Review: Debut chief Mohsin Kassim has united the Premam group of Sharafudheen, Siju Wilson, Krishna Shankar and Shabareesh Varma into Obama. The film transports the gathering of people into the lives of the three dear companions Thommi (Sharafudheen), Balu (Siju Wilson) and Manaf (Krishna Shankar) who battle to accomplish their fantasies throughout everyday life and thus decide on alternate ways to progress. Their trip including their charming admissions and the umpteen ways they attempted to succeed are loaded with minutes that are certain to make some crowd roar with laughter.

Thommi dreams of turning into a rich specialist and notwithstanding his various endeavors, the outcomes have been the same. In the interim, the pudgy Manaf needs to be a film star yet his feeling of inadequacy because of his size continues acting as a burden. Balu is an MCom understudy, whose life is spun around Thommi and Manaf.

The film occurs in 2007 and the young people show saccharine purity and holding that mirrors the companionship of Nivin and his companions in Premam. Thommi holds hands with his uncle who is a slanted lottery specialist to help a gathering of hoodlums in sand mining. Later his companions additionally get pushed in to join the mission, with Thommi featuring the money related advantages they would harvest.

The main half digs on the companionship of the trio and later proceed onward to grandstand their ploys with criminal part Vijay (Shabareesh Varma) and his group pioneer named Achayan. Destiny, however, has another arrangement for the three, and show them that there is no easy route to progress other than diligent work.

Debutante Punya Elizabeth has not a lot to do in the film than being the affection enthusiasm of Balu. Through the film, Sharafudheen demonstrates he can deal with genuine parts with some nostalgic scenes without breaking a sweat as satire.

Notwithstanding, the film doesn’t have a solid storyline. Rather it counts on numerous situational comedies. The creators could have included a couple of more winds and connecting with fragments in the plot by using the youthful cast as opposed to making it a rodent race for a lottery ticket. The film is a normal passage with a couple of good jokes.




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