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Tholiprema Movie Review


Director: Venky Atluri
Star Cast: Varun Tej, Rashi Khanna, Sapna Pabbi, Priyadarshi Pullikonda

In Varun Tej, Raashi Khanna starrer Tholiprema, there’s a consistent reference to chocolate, which fills in as a theme to think about the clashing identities of the lead characters. The young lady adores it, however, the person abhors it. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are a sucker for chocolate, at that point, it’s relatively similar to a profound affair which fills your psyche and heart with happiness. For that minute, in any event, you disregard everything and you simply savor it. When the persistent flavor is gone, you start needing for it by and by in light of the fact that chocolate can be addictive. From multiple points of view, sentiment to resembles savoring chocolate. You realize what it has an aftertaste like, yet you continue wanting for it on numerous occasions. Minutes in the wake of viewing Tholiprema, it helped me to remember a mouth-watering treat named Choco Lava Cake. When you dive in, its absolutely impossible you prevent yourself from going gaga for it

Romantic tales represent a one of a kind issue — it’s quite often a similar story where kid meets-young lady, they battle, and afterward they rejoin at last (or they don’t, now and again). It’s difficult to split far from the layout or so it appears. Tholiprema, composed and coordinated by newcomer Venky Atluri, too adheres to a similar format of a quintessential romantic tale, however then it finds you napping. Truly, I knew how the story would turn out, advance, and end. However, I couldn’t help myself from being cleared away into the whirlpool of feelings that the film blended so piercingly. To call Tholiprema a film would be somewhat unreasonable. It’s an ordeal that should be retained edge by outline, scene after scene. Its USP lies in how effectively Venky Atluri sets up a scene, which may appear to be basic, however, he takes every last one of them to sudden corners, which haven’t been investigated in Telugu silver screen in quite a while.

This is where the person, Aditya (Varun Tej) is very indiscreet. He is just keen on ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, regardless of what life has in store for him. His sentimental intrigue Varsha (Raashi Khanna) is significantly more developed. She solidly has faith in a ton of ‘maybe(s)’ throughout everyday life. The conflict of their identities turns into the undercurrent of the film and they always continue backpedaling and forward finished who’s correct. Notwithstanding, Venky Atluri is savvy enough to not transform the story into a skirmish of genders, an arrangement which has demolished numerous romantic tales previously. Aditya has a ton of outrage in him and he has his reasons, and Varsha is unequivocally sober-minded, who’s not hesitant to talk up. It’s strange to see such characters occupy a similar domain where female characters are once in a while given their due. This by itself is a sufficient motivation to comprehend why Tholiprema separates itself from the messiness of most everyday sentimental movies.

Much of the time, with some exertion, you can isolate each strand of a scene to make sense of why it works or doesn’t work. In a film like Tholiprema, where it’s elusive even a solitary free strand, it’s a close outlandish assignment. Rarely do we see a film where composting is pitch culminate. Indeed, even the lilting music and shocking visuals add life to every scene. Varun Tej and Raashi Khanna share a stunning science all through the film. There’s a scene that is set inside an auto when the couple shares their first kiss. In the event that that doesn’t influence you to grin, at that point I don’t recognize what will. There’s another scene where the two characters wrangle about their way to deal with a little misjudging. On the off chance that that doesn’t make you enthusiastic, at that point I don’t realize what will.

The principal half, specifically, is a delight to watch with Venky Atluri releasing one scene after another which shimmers with life. Regardless of whether it’s the first run through Aditya spots Varsha in his school, or the way Venky drives us to comprehend Aditya’s outrage, everything overflows with so much vitality that it’s invigorating to watch in a Telugu film. Over it, Varun and Raashi left me shy of words to depict how well they have gotten into the skin of their characters. On the off chance that this is the thing that they can offer us with Tholiprema, at that point, there’s no explanation behind any essayist or chief to not pitch more unpredictable parts for them in future. Exactly when you are going to grapple with what the lead on-screen characters’ exhibitions, Thaman enters the ring like ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and conveys a ‘shocker’ to every last one of us. His work in Tholiprema is without a doubt extraordinary compared to other things to have occurred in his vocation. What’s more, cinematographer George C Williams superbly supplements a delightful romantic tale with his beautiful shading palettes.

The secret to falling frantically, profoundly infatuated with Tholiprema comes down to an exceptionally basic assignment – Keep your self-image aside. Amazed? It’s a given that when we observe any movie, you are playing a little diversion with the chief subliminally. We forget about movies which don’t speak to our sensibilities or taste. We would prefer not to give up on our control over the rhythmic movement of our feelings since that would imply that you are losing the fight with the executive. Be that as it may, you comprehend what… for once, none of this made a difference to me. For probably the first time, I kept my inner self aside and what occurred next was absolutely justified, despite all the trouble. I experienced passionate feelings for Tholiprema. It’s the sort of romantic tale that influenced me to begin to look all starry-eyed at the entire classification of sentiment once more. Two major thumbs up for Venky Atluri for his breathtaking presentation and a major thank you for making the film that filled me with so much happiness.


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