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Vantas Movie Review


Vantas Movie Director: Dnyaneshwar Yadavrao Umak

Vantas Movie Starcast: Snehal Salunkhe, Ajay Varpe

Vantas Movie Story: A rowdy youth, Ambya goes gaga for a delightful young lady, Gauri, who is coming back to her town looking for a beloved companion. While he tries to discover better approaches for charming her, she approaches him requesting help in discovering her companion.

Vantas Movie Review: Right from the story, exchanges, and screenplay the film shouts ‘exhausted’. There’s nothing here that hasn’t been said or seen before with regards to a romantic tale in light of a provincial setting. Likewise, as has been called attention to numerous circumstances by movie producers and watchers alike, the Marathi business needs to leave the Sairat a headache. Vantas joins the not insignificant rundown of movies that have attempted to reproduce Sairat’s prosperity and have flopped pitiably at it, kindness absence of oddity.

As far as conceptualization and also usage, the whole film feels by and large unprofessional. The story needs direct stream and winds up being a progression of disjoint scenes sewed together to have neither rhyme nor reason. On the off chance that this does not test your resistance, the course and exhausting discoursed certainly will. The whole first half is squandered on Ambya’s (Ajay Varpe) tricks to charm Gauri (Snehal Salunkhe). Disregard charming, they simply wind up testing your limit to endure baloney.

In the more than two-hour-long running time, the executive neither figures out how to set up the characters nor get his on-screen characters to perform well. The on-screen characters’ mechanical peculiarities are bothering. As though this wasn’t sufficient, there is a pointless thing tune tossed in. While Heena Panchal might be a welcome sight, the tune increases the value of the film.

One trusts in a silver coating yet too bad, there’s none! So on the off chance that you need to watch the motion picture, do as such at your own particular hazard.


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