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Who is Salman Khan, does not know this Hollywood star who is promoting Race 3

Race 3 Release Date in India


Salman Khan’s stardom is all over the world. Hollywood stars are almost familiar to him. But maybe a Confucius about a Hollywood actor Salman Khan. These are Sylvester Stallone.

Sylvester congratulated him on Instagram for Salman’s upcoming film Race 3, but he posted a picture of Bobby Deol instead of Salman. Although Bobby Deol is also a part of the film. But Sylvester was trolled on this social media accident.

Sylvester later corrected his mistake and posted the second post, which included a new poster of the film and conveyed congratulations to Salman in the same words. But he wrote in a funny manner that if he went wrong at this time then he would withdraw. Sylvester then got trolled over this suspicion. It was said that they are in doubt about Salman. Users wrote that you are still configurable. While you are their favorite actor. Some Salman fan also became aggressive on Silvester’s joke.

Tell us that in 2015, Salman had written a tweet that if any outside actor has to follow then follow Sylvester Stallone.

Sylvester wrote in his caption, “Happy Salman Khan to a very talented film, his best wishes for his upcoming movie Race 3.” Let’s say that this is a big budget movie. Ramesh S Tauri, producer of Race 3, being produced by Tips Industries Ltd. In this, Shakib Salim, Bobby Deol, and Deji Shah will also be seen in the lead role. Directing Remo D’Souza to the film.


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